“How do I join the Harvard Fire Department?”


The Harvard Fire Department is always looking for new recruits who would like to serve their community, protect their neighbors and become a valued member of a great team of men and women.


Becoming a member isn’t hard, but your commitment to learning about the fire service is essential. It will take time and dedication — but the more you commit, the better firefighter you’ll be.


You begin by setting up an appointment with Chief Sicard (rsicard@harvard.ma.us). In your interview with the Chief, he will discuss the membership process, review the training regime and specify the certifications you’ll be required to obtain before being appointed as a full member of the Harvard Fire Department.


 Here is just a brief overview of the process:



You’ll start out being a recruit — someone who responds to the HFD Center Station whenever you hear a Harvard fire call on your scanner (or you can monitor fire calls here or below). You’ll get the opportunity to meet the other members of the Harvard Fire Department, familiarize yourself with the apparatus and see how each responds to certain types of calls. By showing up for calls, you’ll also get to see if volunteer firefighting is right for you. Another good way to acquaint yourself with the members and the fire service is to attend our regular training sessions twice per month (every first and third Wednesday of the month) and any other special training sessions to learn as much as you can about the Harvard Fire Department’s standard operational procedures (SOPs). The Recruit Training Officer also conducts special introductory training sessions, familiarizing recruits with equipment, procedures and operations.


After chasing calls for awhile as a recruit, a member can nominate a recruit to become part of the Harvard Firefighters’ Association and the Chief will decide if that person is ready to become a probationary member. “Probies” are issued pagers and turnout gear (bunker coats, pants, boots and a yellow “Probie” helmet). Probationary members are permitted to respond to calls in a fire truck and assist with tasks on a fire scene. They are not permitted to enter a structure where fire might be present, respond to the scene of calls on Rt. 2 or respond to mutual aid calls from other towns outside of Harvard. Within eighteen (18) months of being appointed a probationary member, the candidate must complete training and certification of Firefighter I & II and become a Hazardous Materials Operations Level Responder. (For more information regarding required certifications and training, please speak with Chief Sicard.)


Once a probie is fulfills the training and certification requirements, the Chief will decide when the candidate is ready to be appointed as a full member of the Harvard Fire Department. At that time, the firefighter will be eligible for further training and/or certification as a driver, officer and other positions available through the department. They will be permitted to respond to all types of calls in Harvard and mutual aid calls outside of town. Finally, they will have earned a full set of new gear, including a black helmet to match the other members, a Harvard Firefighter badge — and most importantly, the pride and satisfaction of being a Harvard firefighter!


Are you ready to join our team? 

Please fill out this form to get started or stop by Harvard Fire Department’s Center Station, 13 Ayer Rd., behind the Harvard Town Hall.